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Am I Too Old To Wear This?

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With each year that passes we tend to worry about our clothing choices and wonder; “Am I too old to wear this?” Way back when, it was Daisy Dukes and cropped tops, now it is leggings and ripped jeans.

 It really seems to start when you hit your thirties because you are certainly not old, but you have reached a mile stone. You most likely have had a couple of children, so now you're not only a mom, but things do not quite fit the way they used to. I remember a time later in my 30’s, I was struggling with the thought of turning 40 and I went shopping with my daughters. They were encouraging me to buy a pair of cut off shorts from American Eagle and a trendy, tighter fitting top. Since I was a size 6, looked young and felt young, I bought the outfit thinking, yes, I can totally rock this! I wore it to an outing with some friends of mine that were my age and maybe a little older and suddenly, I didn,t think it was such a hot decision anymore. I made the comment of shopping with my daughters to which one response was; “Yes, we can tell.” From then on, I was a bit more careful with my shopping choices.

 Gone are the days that just because you have reached a certain age, you now have to dress a certain way. Thank goodness!! Although, I can tell you that there are some in the fashion industry who think we should all dress as our grandmothers did, because that is often what I am pointed to when I go to the fashion market.

 Fortunately for us, there are some fabulous woman online who write fashion blogs for older woman who are blowing the socks off the notion that older means frumpy, dull and boring when it comes to fashion. Many of them look beautiful wearing everything from leggings to short skirts, off the shoulder tops and even ripped jeans. Personally, I think it has a lot more to do with what you wear these items with and how they fit, rather than whether a certain style is taboo for older women.

 For instance, leggings or skinny jeans are generally more flattering when worn with a tunic or long cardigan. An off the shoulder top is not only stylish, but also very feminine with a pair of fitted capris and heels. Many cold shoulder tops now have 3/4 length sleeves, which is perfect for those who are uncomfortable in showing their upper arm. I once heard the advice that if you want to look sexy, wear either a low-cut top or short skirt, but never both at the same time, as then you move into trashy, not sexy. I mention this, not only because it is good advice, but just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we don’t want to or shouldn’t wear something a little sexy when the occasion calls for it.

 Then there is the fabulous trend of ripped jeans. Honestly this is a style that has taken me some time to warm up to. As a child, we put patches on the holes in our jeans or made them into cut offs. Now we pay extra to have them ripped and it seems the bigger the hole, the better. Partially because of those wonderful fashion bloggers that I mentioned, my personal feelings on ripped jeans has changed some. You still wont ever find me in a pair of jeans with most of my thigh showing, however I do like the distressed jeans as well as the ones with the fringed hem. Some brands now offer them with a patch on the inside of the rip so that you are still covered.

 What really makes an outfit work or not, is how it fits. We have all seen the woman wearing a pair of skinny jeans or leggings that are too small. The fabric is overstretched, bulging in places and there are folds down the leg from the seams being pulled too tight. Not to mention the muffin top on steroids of pants that are too small in the waist tends to create. Or pants that are sagging around someone’s bottom and thighs because they are too big. There can be similar problems with shirts that are so tight, it looks like a button is about to pop or so large that the shoulder seam is hanging 2 inches down their arm.

 We are so concerned with what size we wear and what others would think if they knew, but really, you are the only one who needs to know this information and often times we make the situation worse by trying to fit into the size we want to be, rather than the size we are. Who cares what the number is, wear clothes that are flattering and comfortable, that you can feel confident in. Shop for brands like Tribal, Lucky Brand and INC, that are made to fit a woman’s body and not a 20 something.

 If you have some items in your closet that you love but they don’t fit quite right, have them altered. I had a couple pairs of pants that I love, but they were a little too big in the waist and I was always pulling them up and fussing with them. A friend of mine altered them for me and now I love them even more. They always look great, I can wear them with any shirt in my closet and even though I have had them for years, I still get compliments on them.

 Of course, there are certain items that look better on our daughters than on us, but that doesn’t mean that being in style is over for you. With the right ensembles in the right size, you can look beautifully fashionable at any age.

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