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I love dresses, they are feminine and just have a way of making you feel pretty. There are many styles of them that you can either dress up or dress down. They also help to keep you cooler during the summer months, and if you pick the right style, can be very comfortable. However there is one dilemma we often have with them; “What jacket or sweater to wear with the various styles of dresses in our closet?”

There are many you who shy away from dresses these days because they are sleeveless and you are either not comfortable having bare arms or if you are like me, hate to be cold. Usually when I wear a dress I am attending a meeting at a convention center or hotel boardroom, where for some reason those in charge think that the right temperature for the room is just above freezing. The other scenario is being perfectly comfortable and then the hot flash hits, now you are ripping off everything "appropriately" possible to cool down only to cover back up again a few minutes later. Ugh!

This is actually where a sleeveless dress can come in handy. If you were wearing something with attached sleeves, it would most likely be inappropriate for you to take it off, which means you are now left with frantically finding something to fan yourself with while you slowly melt.

So then, lets looks at some various styles of dresses and chat about choosing the right jacket. 

Sheath dresses 

This is a fabulous dress because you can do so much with it and it can be rather comfortable. If you are going for more of a business look, you can wear a coordinating blazer, or a short cardigan or jacket as shown above. If you want to be a bit more casual, then go with a denim jacket or longer tunic type cardigan. Denim jackets now come in a variety of colors too, so the possibilities are endless.

Flared skirt dresses

Oh, these are so classy and feminine and a great choice for many body types. With this kind of dress you are going to want to choose a jacket or sweater that is waist length. Something that hits right at or just above where the skirt starts to flare out. If you have something longer, then you lose the flattering shape of the dress and it tends to make your waist look larger, and we certainly want to stay clear of that.

Shift Dresses

These are very popular right now and certainly one of the more comfortable styles of dress you can wear. They have a more flowy fit but are shorter, so it is best to wear a longer tunic sweater with them that will hit either a few inches above the hem line or just about any length longer than the hem line. If you are choosing something just above the hem line, a circular or asymmetrical style is very "in" right now. 

Special Occasion dresses 

These are best worn with a shawl/wrap or cropped sweater that ends above the waist. Personally, I am becoming a big fan of wraps. They are stylish, come in an array of beautiful colors, textures and patterns and are easily removed when are own little furnace starts to kick in. The other great thing is that wraps can be worn with almost any style dress.

Prints or Solids - What to Choose?

With a printed dress, it is generally best to go with a sweater or jacket that matches one of the colors in the dress. A neutral color is always nice because then your sweater or jacket can be worn with other outfits in your closet, however don’t shy away from color. If you love the pink color in a dress and can find a sweater or jacket in the same shade, go for it! It will make your ensemble pop! A denim jacket is generally a safe bet with any print, if you want to go more casual.

For a solid colored dress, you can go with a solid of the same color, but only if it is a perfect match. Sometimes this is best, although why not add some pizazz with a great print? You can choose a more sophisticated simple print of maybe 2 or 3 colors or go wild with a print of some large colorful flowers or something fun like that. It all depends on your personality and what kind of event you are attending. Just don’t be too afraid to be little bold and to stand out from the crowd a little. It’s a good thing!

I hope this has been helpful to you and if you have any questions or would like some help in choosing something for a particular dress, please feel free to comment below or send me an email at


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