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Tips to Getting Your Closet Ready for Fall

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For a lot of us the weather is finally cooling down and fall is in the air. Leaves are turning, there are clouds in the sky, and the days are getting shorter. The lazy days of summer are over so it’s time to put away the shorts, sundress, bathing suits and flip flops so you can make room for jeans, sweaters, jackets and boots.

As a child, I lived in Connecticut and loved the changes in the seasons. Playing in the streams and catching fireflies in the summer, jumping in piles of fall leaves, ice skating on the pond and sledding down our neighbor’s hill until the snow melts and the spring flowers began to bloom. These are honestly all real childhood memories of mine and the seasons will remain precious and wonderful because it was my older brothers who had to rake all the piles of leaves, my dad who had to shovel the snow out of the driveway and mom who did her best to keep 4 kids warm and dry all winter. As the youngest of 4, I was free to enjoy the seasons as I feel God intended us to do so.



But getting back to today and changing our closets to get ready for cooler weather. Before you pack your summer items, take some time to go through them. No sense in taking up storage space for something that you are not going to wear next year. Look at each item and ask yourself; Did I wear it this year, does it have holes or deodorant stains, how does it fit? If you didn’t wear it or it doesn’t fit – give it away, there are people who would love to have it and you will feel good for blessing them. If it has holes or stains – go ahead and throw it away. It’s ok, don’t feel guilty, clothes were not meant to last forever and some make great rags in the garage. Just ask my husband.

With the summer clothes out of the way, you now have room for all of those cozy sweaters and favorite jeans that you have been wanting to wear. As you either unpack them or just look through that section of your closet, ask the same questions you did for the summer clothes and either give away or throw away any items that you are not likely to wear.


Replace & Fill In

Take a look at what is left and see where you may need to replace some old items or fill in with bottoms or tops to make complete outfits. If you had a favorite black sweater that you wore until it was thin and holey, put it on a list of items to look for when shopping. Or maybe you had a comfy pair of jeans that one of your kids decided to make a beautiful new design on with a permanent marker, that you just can’t quite pass off as a new style of artwork. Put that on your list too.

Take about 30 minutes or so to put some outfits together. Mix things up a bit by taking a stylish suit jacket and putting it with a different skirt or pants or maybe even use it to dress up a pair of jeans. Try adding a scarf, vest or different shoes to an outfit to spruce it up. I tend to do this when I know I will be traveling and can only take a certain number of clothes. This way I know it all fits and looks good together.

Think about layers, do you have what you need to wear under your cardigans or ponchos or is there a sleeveless sweater or dress that needs a jacket to complete the look? Are there any new styles of jeans, or cold shoulder sweaters, long cardigans or boots that you have been eyeing? Add those to your list. Put this list in your phone or purse so you have it with you when you shop.


Play with New Looks

There are so many new boot and bootie styles out there right now and do you do a small cuff with your jeans, a large cuff, do you tuck them in or do you not tuck them in? There a several different looks to choose from and sometimes what looks great on someone else doesn’t always look so great on me. So, I suggest that you put on a pair of jeans and various shoes and have some fun playing with some new styles. A few weeks ago, I was getting ready for church, had some great new booties that I am in love with and was excited to wear, however when it came time to put it all together, I ended up franticly trying different cuff sizes and then different shoes, then back to the new booties, all while my husband was waiting, not so patiently, for me in the car. Needless to say, this did not go over well. I did however learn my lesson and this past weekend I purchased a beautiful new pair of black tall boots and tried them on with a pair of skinny jeans the next morning when I was getting ready and loved the look. This got me thinking of a pair of brown suede tall boots that I have worn with skirts for years and wondered how they would look. They are skinnier in the calf, so I wasn’t sure if they would fit over my jeans. Well, they are pictured above so please let me know what you think. I have a feeling I will be wearing them a lot more often this fall.                                                                                           

Black Friday is coming up soon; this will be a great time to not only start your Christmas shopping but also to get the items you need to complete your fall wardrobe.

The time you take now, to go through your closet and weed out what you don’t wear, write down what you need and have some outfits that you know will look great when you need to get ready fast, will save you way more time and frustration in the long run.

If you have any other tips or helpful hints to get ready for fall, please share them in the comments section below. I would love to read them.


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