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Grandir Fashions was inspired by my husband, Andy, who has been wonderfully supportive as we have embarked on this great adventure together. Over the years, he has always appreciated the way I dress and has graciously listened to my struggles to find outfits that are well made, stylish, and age appropriate. As I have talked with other women, I have found that many of us have the same struggle. You go to the Juniors section because you want the latest fashionable styles, but they are either inappropriate or do not fit properly. When you go to the Womens section you find loose fitting, frumpy clothes that, frankly, you wouldn't be caught dead in. What we do want, is up to date fashion for woman over 40 that compliment our figure and that we can feel confident in. We like to call it “Fashion for Grown Ups”.


Today’s “Grown Ups” are much more active and vibrant. We are eating well, attending the gym regularly, playing sports, and running marathons. We are busy actively raising and playing with our kids and even grandkids. We are trying new things, have new careers or ministries that we are involved in. We are starting new businesses and climbing corporate ladders. We want trendy yet somewhat conservative clothing that reflects our on the go lifestyle. As one woman stated; "We want cute clothes too!"


Another thing that I hear from women is that they would like a little help in putting outfits together or they have a new job and need to dress "business casual". The only problem is, they are unsure as to what business casual really is. Honestly, as I have searched the fashion world, I can understand why they are confused.


As I said, my husband encouraged me to open this online store so we could help women find the types of clothes they are looking for and make shopping for clothes fun again. First, we came up with "Fashion for Grown Ups" and then searched for a name. It wasn't long before we came across the french word "Grandir" which means "to grow up or grown up", and "Grandir Fashions" was born! In case you are wondering, it is pronounced gron-deer. Just think of some french dude saying it and you'll be fine.


Our hope is to help ladies look and feel their best by providing well-made, fashionable clothes and displaying them in outfits that are ready to wear. We truly do want to make shopping for clothes fun again for the Grandir woman.

Happy Shopping!